I really do love hair swaps…

brother, forgive me
we both know I’m the one to blame
when I saw my demons
I knew them well and welcomed them (x)


This morning I got 4 messages from friends regarding the uncanny resemblance between the appearance of the new protagonist for persona 5  and me

i would like to thank kismet publishing for giving me exposure and seven sisters high school for teaching me everything thank you all i cant believe im protagonist for persona 5


This season of Korra has been nothing but amazing. I couldn’t resist making fanart after watching the finale.
It’s so awesome seeing the elemental bending differences between Aang’s avatar state vs. Korra’s avatar state; how Korra’s was more aggressive in comparison to how balanced Aang’s was. Can’t wait for book 4!

if you have any clues about the origin of “do u own plump guacamole lantern!” please let me know

Nicki Minaj’s 2011 Blackbook Magazine shoot HQ

heyahminai said: "do u own plump guacamole lantern!" ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? im lauging so much wha the fuck .,,

i’m just so curious i really want to know what that meant